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Prayer Rug with Mojallal Design is among the bestselling designs of Kashan Mehrab Naghsh Co. which is active in manufacturing and supplying the most up-to-date mihrab prayer rugs in Iran.

Mihrab Prayer Rug with Mojallal Design is among the creative designs of Mehrab Naghsh Co. Among Mihrab carpets, this design has a crowded background and with its unique and complex layout catches the attention of every customer.

This design has considerable similarities to Negar and Ariana Design.

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Popularity of colors in mosque rugs with Mojallal Design

The popularity of the Kashan Mosque Prayer Rugs with Mojallal Design with the various colors can be seen in the diagram below.

Mosque rugs with Mojallal Design in Various Colors

  • Turquoise 55%
  • Navy Blue 65%
  • Green 99%
  • Dark Blue 20%
  • Walnut 85%
  • Crimson 70%

Effects of the colors of the Mihrab Prayer Rug with Mojallal Design on Mosque

The Prayer Rug with Mojallal Design is available in 8 main colors along with 7 background colors namely turquoise, navy blue, bisque, walnut, fire brick, crimson, and dark blue. Due to its color and design, this prayer rug will have various effects on the spiritual space of your mosque, hussainiya, musalla, or prayer room. It is important for the prayer rug to match with wall coverings, ceiling color, doors, windows, and the mihrab.

If the color of mihrab is blue, it is better to use mihrab prayer rug with turquoise color.

For mosques with darker spaces, it is recommended to use bright colors for the prayer rug.

For crowded mosques, it is recommended to use walnut or crimson color.

For creating an atmosphere of peace and tranquility in the mosque, hussainiya, and prayer room, it is better to use prayer rugs with green color.

Instances of the color schemes in Mihrab Prayer Rug with Mojallal Design  

Mosque Rugs (Mihrab Prayer Rug) with Mojallal Design in various colors


Mosque Rugs with Mojallal Design in turquoise


Mosque Rugs (Mihrab Prayer Rug) with Mojallal Design in green


Mosque Rugs with Mojallal Design in navy blue


Mosque Rugs with Mojallal Design in walnut color


The quality and Size of prayer carpets for mosque in Mojallal Design


Design Number Shoulder Density type of Yarn Qualitative Grade
1 440 720 Polyester B
2 440 800 100% Acrylic B+
3 500 800 100% Acrylic B++
4 500 900 100% Acrylic B+++
5 500 1000 100% Acrylic A
6 500 1100 100% Acrylic A+
7 500 1200 100% Acrylic A+++
8 500 1300 100% Acrylic A+
9 700 2250 100% Acrylic A+
10 700 2550 100% Acrylic A+
11   700 2750 100% Acrylic A+

Mosque Rug with Mojallal Design is one of our newest designs from the prayer rug product series, manufactured by Kashan Mehrab Naghsh Co.

By using the high-quality and first-class fibers along with premium weaving quality, Kashan Mehrab Naghsh Co. has produced exquisite and comfortable carpets for mosques, prayer rooms, and other holy places.

This company with a long-standing record in manufacturing of prayer rugs is using the high-end technologies and the most advanced machines to deliver the best to its customers.

Islamic Mosque Rugs with Mojallal Design is manufactured in 720, 800, 1000, 1200, 2250, 2550, and 2700 density and 440, 500, and 700 shoulders with 1.25 meter in width and desirable size in length.

It is worth mentioning that this width can be altered to 2.5 meters based on the customer’s order and the space it is intended for.

Please be advised that due to the high traffic on the mosque carpets, it is better to purchase carpets with higher density.

The type of yarn used in Kashan Prayer Rug with Mojallal Design has A grade quality from Zomorrod Mashhad (also known as Bayer in ‌Germany), is 100 percent acrylic, heat set, without producing any lint or causing any irritations. You can find the qualitative grade of each product in the table below.

It is recommended that for mosques with darker spaces to use prayer rugs with bright colors. If the decoration and mihrab are in blue, it is better to use the mihrab carpet with turquoise color.

Our goal is the prosperity of earth’s paradises – the mosques. Mehrab Naghsh, your companion in your worships

Buy Prayer carpets for mosque in Cash or Installments

Kashan Mehrab Naghsh Co. is offering its products for customers in various modes. The purchase can be made by paying in cash or installments. By purchasing in cash, we offer considerable discount on your order. For more details on the price of our products, please visit our webpage for prayer rugs store.

For customer services, this company offers the following:

Sale Plans: buy Mosque Rugs, in cash or installments

Customized Designs: order your customized prayer rug for your Masjid or prayer room with free design.

Experts at your place: for measurements of the place, also consulting and giving you more information on the products, our experts are ready to meet you wherever you are

Sending Samples: analyze and compare our products with other products in the market, to find the best quality of prayer rug you want

Free online consulting: our technical experts will help you find the best product with your desirable price



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