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best color, best color for mosque carpet, mosque carpet فرش سجاده محراب نقش کاشان

?Is blue carpet the best choice to buy mosque carpet

The variety of designs and colors of mosque carpets is very large. Especially with the upgrade of carpet production and weaving machines, it has risen from 6 colors to 8 and to 10 colors. These colors include carbon blue, green, gold , turquoise, navy blue, bisque, walnut, fire brick, crimson, and dark blue Of these, 8 colors are used in carpet weaving. The number of background colors in the carpet is 7 colors. Choosing the color of the mosque carpet can have a significant impact on the environment. Especially in religious environments, where the spiritual atmosphere doubles. Choosing the right color for mosque carpets is an issue that always challenges the servants of the mosque and the board of trustees. Customer taste, type of architecture and color, decoration and space of the mosque, climate and even the type of religion are some of the factors involved in choosing colors for mosque carpets.

According to the surveys conducted on the choice of color by the customers of Mehrab Naghsh, we found that about 45% of the customers have chosen a set of blue rugs, which includes navy blue and turquoise. They consider 20% of the total colors of fire brick, crimson, 25% green and 10% bisque, walnut, for their mosque carpets.

An example of some turquoise blue mosque carpet designs

You can also choose the color of your carpets from the carpet section of the mosque.

Feel the difference between us and other manufacturers. According to psychological theories, the blue carpet is the color of calm and concentration. Light blue has also been shown to lower blood pressure. This is why in most mosque architectures, we see turquoise blue tiles. navy blue has similar effects to light blue. It is also known that this color is very useful for calming the nerves. It is because of this color combination that we feel more relaxed after worship in mosques and religious places. That is why blue is the best color for prayer rugs.

best color, best color for mosque carpet, mosque carpet فرش سجاده محراب نقش کاشان

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If you are hesitant in choosing the color of the carpet for your environment and need guidance, our experts are at your service 24 hours a day with online consultation. Also, using the simulation design, you can view your mosque with the desired color before it is carpeted to choose the best and most appropriate color.

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