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Mosque Rugs – Prayer carpet pattern – Golshan Design

prayer carpet pattern with Golshan Design is among the most innovative designs of Mehrab Naghsh co. which is benefiting from the best and most skillful artists.

This is among the crowded designs for a Mihrab mosque Rug. There are no flowers or mihrab at the center of this design. Instead, it is filled with circular layouts that cover the inner part of mihrab. Each mihrab has 4 pillars. The upper part of the mihrab is similar to a dome. Miniature flowers are featured at the background of the mihrab.

This design is quite similar to Prayer Rug with Gonbad Design. In terms of central layouts, it is similar to Prayer Rug with Shakoor Design. This Mihrab Prayer Rug provides a spiritual atmosphere and grandeur to the prayars of the mosque.


Popularity of colors in mosque rugs with Golshan Design


The popularity of the Kashan Mosque Prayer Rugs with golshan Design with the various colors can be seen in the diagram below.

فرش سجاده محراب نقش کاشان

Prayer carpet pattern in Various Colors

  • Turquoise 55% 55%
  • Navy Blue 65% 65%
  • Green 99% 99%
  • Dark Blue 20% 20%
  • Walnut 85% 85%
  • Crimson 70% 70%

Effects of the colors of the Mihrab Prayer Rug with Golshan Design on Mosque

Mihrab Prayer Rug with Golashan Design of Mehrabnaghsh co. is available in 8 main colors along with 7 background color crimson, fire brick, turquoise, navy blue, green, walnut, and dark blue.

With its special layout and dome-like design, Mihrab Prayer Rug with Golshan Design has a great influence on the spiritual atmosphere of the mosque or prayer room.

Mihrab Prayer Rug bestows a grandeur and spiritual atmosphere to the prayors of the mosque.

This is one of the prayer rugs with a crowded layout. Hence, it is highly recommended for mosques with high traffic.


فرش سجاده محراب نقش کاشان

Instances of the color schemes in Mihrab Prayer Rug with Golshan Design  

فرش سجاده محراب نقش کاشان

Prayer carpet pattern in red color


فرش سجاده محراب نقش کاشان

Prayer carpet pattern in walnut


فرش سجاده محراب نقش کاشان

Prayer carpet pattern in green


فرش سجاده محراب نقش کاشان

Prayer carpet pattern in crimson


فرش سجاده محراب نقش کاشان

Prayer carpet pattern in turquoise color


فرش سجاده محراب نقش کاشان

Prayer carpet pattern in dark blue color


The quality and Size of prayer carpets for mosque in Golshan Design


Design Number Shoulder Density type of Yarn Qualitative Grade
2440800100% AcrylicB+
3500800100% AcrylicB++
4500900100% AcrylicB+++
55001000100% AcrylicA
65001100100% AcrylicA+
75001200100% AcrylicA+++
85001300100% AcrylicA+
97002250100% AcrylicA+
107002550100% AcrylicA+
11  7002750100% AcrylicA+

Our goal is the prosperity of earth’s paradises – the mosques. Mehrab Naghsh, your companion in your worships

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Kashan Mehrab Naghsh Co. is offering its products for customers in various modes. The purchase can be made by paying in cash or installments. By purchasing in cash, we offer considerable discount on your order. For more details on the price of our products, please visit our webpage for prayer rugs store.

For customer services, this company offers the following:

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Prayer carpet pattern