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Types of yarn used in the production of prayer rugs

The types of yarn used in the production of prayer rugs include various synthetic fibers, including virgin yarn, polyester yarn, BCF yarn and acrylic yarn.
Many factors such as production methods, yarn type and structural characteristics affect the quality of a carpet.
In this note, we will examine the types of yarns in the production of prayer rugs.

Types of yarn: Virgin yarn

One of the types of yarn used in the production of rugs is virgin yarn. In addition to recycled wool, wool that has not been used before and is not recycled is known as virgin.
Virgin yarn is produced from new granules and the first category of petrochemicals and is not a part of recycled yarns and is more durable and softer than polyester yarns.
Characteristics of virgin yarn (one of types of yarn) are antibacterial, environmentally friendly, high resistance, and lack of moisture absorption.
Due to the rising prices of raw materials, virgin yarn was considered by manufacturers so that they could continue to produce at a lower cost.
But this yarn has a plastic-like state and is not resistant to heat.
Virgin yarn is cheaper than acrylic yarn and has its own fans for producing inexpensive rugs.
This yarn is usually used to produce 500-sholder carpets.

BCF yarn, Polyester yarn, Types of yarn, Virgin yarn فرش سجاده محراب نقش کاشان
BCF yarn, Polyester yarn, Types of yarn, Virgin yarn فرش سجاده محراب نقش کاشان

Types of yarn: Polyester yarn

Polyester yarn is one of the types of yarn used in the production of rugs. This yarn has a low moisture absorption percentage and is sensitive to chlorinated detergents. Polyester yarn (one of types of yarn) has a high colorability and for this reason, polyester rugs have a good color and glaze.
These weaves are cheaper than acrylic.

Polyester rugs also have disadvantages:
Shorter life than other carpets
High vulnerability
Not suitable for busy places

Types of yarn : BCF yarn

BCF fibers, which are available in unlimited lengths, are another type of yarn used in the production of rugs. The advantages of using this yarn are gloss, no lint, high tear resistance and recyclability. But BCF yarn has a large volume and does not have the property of spring.

BCF yarn (one of types of yarn) is not resistant to light, so it is necessary to add a substance to protect it from light. Competition over the selling price of yarn forced a number of manufacturers to remove light shielding material during the production cycle and reduce the quality of this carpet. As a result, the carpets woven with this yarn, after a few years, due to sunlight on the surface of the carpet, caused the carpet yarn to break. This incident destroyed the position of BCF yarn in the production of rugs.

Types of yarn : Acrylic yarn

As the global price of wool became more expensive, acrylic yarn was replaced by wool yarn because it looked exactly like wool. Among the good features of rugs that are produced with acrylic yarn, the following can be mentioned:

Resistance to light and heat
Lack of moisture absorption
Good colorability
Being light
Resistance to pressure and trampling
High longevity and durability
No lint (during the heat set process)
More radiance, softness and softness than other fibers
No smell of plastic and petroleum products

BCF yarn, Polyester yarn, Types of yarn, Virgin yarn فرش سجاده محراب نقش کاشان

Carpet rugs made of acrylic yarn are more expensive than similar products due to their high quality and durability. For busy places such as mosques and prayer halls, the use of acrylic carpets is more appropriate, while polyester carpets are used for secluded and low-traffic places. If you are looking for a beautiful, bright, durable and quality carpet, we suggest you to buy one hundred percent acrylic carpets for the altar of Kashan. Among the types of yarn, acrylic yarn is better for producing rugs.

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