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The effect of carpet weaving machine on the quality of rugs

Carpet weaving machine and its type are important features in carpet quality. There are various devices that are used for carpet weaving. In the following, we will examine some of them. Most of the carpet weaving machines are from Germany and Belgium. In Iran, the Belgian Vandewile and the German Schonher are mostly used. Wendwell and Schonher devices have a high position in the world. They are the first in terms of quality, but there are many differences.

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What do you know about the German Schonher carpet weaving machine?

Schonher is a German company that produces carpet weaving machines. Features of this carpet weaving machine are variety in texture, high speed in production, low noise and weaving power of any type of pattern. But at the same time, this feature is a good thing, If there is a mistake in computer programming, it will cause great and harmful damages. Schonher machines are much cheaper than Vandewile weaving machines. For this reason, carpet carpet companies that want to produce with normal quality and low price. They work with this device.

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Do you know the Vandewile Belgian carpet weaving machine?

Vandewile is one of the well-known and original companies in the production of carpet weaving machines. Good reputation and high quality have made this brand have many fans. One of the company’s production devices is HCPX. The texture is very good with this machine and it weaves the rugs delicately. Something like a hand-woven rug. The computer system of Vandville machines has caused high speed in carpet production. This minimizes the mistakes that are made by humans. The computer nature of this device allows us to weave any type of design.

HCPX device and fineness in texture

The elegance of the texture with the hcp device is unparalleled and very eye-catching. We see the least amount of fabric waste in this machine. And we do not see any excess or damage behind the carpet. Vandville machines are more expensive than Schonher. That is why the rugs woven with this machine have a higher price than the rugs woven with the Schonher machine. The quality of carpets woven with a Vandville machine is very high. It lasts for years. Carpet made with acrylic yarn and Vandville machine are more expensive than similar products due to their high quality and durability. If you are looking for a beautiful, shiny, durable and quality carpet, we suggest you to buy one hundred percent acrylic carpet mats, heat set and with German Bayer yarn.

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