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MehrabNaghsh Co. is one of the largest mosque carpet suppliers and manufacturers in Iran. Mosque Carpet with Boostan Design is one of our bestselling designs of it.

Mihrab Mosque Prayer Rug with Boostan Design is among the designs for Mosque Mihrabs. At the center of it, diverse flowers exist. In fact, Mihrab Prayer Rug with Boostan Design hosts many flowers in itself.

This design is similar to Prayer Rug with Jannat Design #2, Prayer Rug with Paniz Design, and Prayer Room Carpet with Torang Design.

Mosque Prayer Rug with Boostan Design has provided a magnificent atmosphere to the mosque. You can see pictures related to Boostan and other similar designs below.

Popularity of colors in prayer carpets for mosque  with Boostan Design


The popularity of the Kashan Mosque Prayer Rugs with Boostan Design with the various colors can be seen in the diagram below.

فرش سجاده محراب نقش کاشان

Prayer Rug  with Boostan Design in Various Colors

  • Turquoise 55% 55%
  • Navy Blue 65% 65%
  • Green 99% 99%
  • Dark Blue 20% 20%
  • Walnut 85% 85%
  • Crimson 70% 70%

Effects of the colors of the Mihrab Prayer Rug with Torang Design on Mosque

The Prayer Rug with Boostan Design is available in 8 main colors along with 7 background colors namely turquoise, navy blue, bisque, walnut, fire brick, crimson, and dark blue.

 The flowers and bushes in this Prayer Rug with Boostan Design creates a joyful atmosphere for the mosque.

Prayer Rug with Boostan Design is recommended for places with high traffic as the chances of getting dirty is high. This is mainly due to the fact that the area of mihrab are covered with layouts.

 In choosing the Prayer Rug color pay attention to these factors:

  • If the color of Mihrab and decoration is in blue, it is advised to use Mihrab Prayer Rugs with turquoise and navy-blue colors.
  • For mosques with darker spaces, walnut colors are a suitable option for prayer rug.
  • If your mosque is always crowded, you can choose from crowded designs with navy blue or crimson colors.
  • For creating a more spiritual and special space, use designs with green and turquoise colors.
فرش سجاده محراب نقش کاشان

Instances of the color schemes in Mihrab Prayer Rug with Boostan Design  

فرش سجاده محراب نقش کاشان

Mosque carpet suppliers –  walnut colors


فرش سجاده محراب نقش کاشان

Mosque carpet suppliers –  Fire Brick color


فرش سجاده محراب نقش کاشان

mosque carpet suppliers –  navy blue color


فرش سجاده محراب نقش کاشان

 Mosque carpet suppliers – crimson color


فرش سجاده محراب نقش کاشان

mosque carpet suppliers  – Green color


فرش سجاده محراب نقش کاشان

Mosque carpet suppliers – Dark Blue color


The quality and Size of mosque carpet in Boostan Design


Design Number Shoulder Density type of Yarn Qualitative Grade
2440800100% AcrylicB+
3500800100% AcrylicB++
4500900100% AcrylicB+++
55001000100% AcrylicA
65001100100% AcrylicA+
75001200100% AcrylicA+++
85001300100% AcrylicA+
97002250100% AcrylicA+
107002550100% AcrylicA+
11  7002750100% AcrylicA+

Our goal is the prosperity of earth’s paradises – the mosques. Mehrab Naghsh, your companion in your worships

mosque carpet for sale in Cash or Installments

Kashan Mehrab Naghsh Co. is offering its products for customers in various modes. The purchase can be made by paying in cash or installments. By purchasing in cash, we offer considerable discount on your order. For more details on the price of our products, please contact us.

For customer services, this company offers the following:

Sale Plans: buy Mosque Rugs, in cash or installments

Customized Designs: order your customized prayer rug for your mosques or prayer room with free design.

Experts at your place: for measurements of the place, also consulting and giving you more information on the products, our experts are ready to meet you wherever you are

Sending Samples: analyze and compare our products with other products in the market, to find the best quality of mosque carpet you want

Free online consulting: our technical experts will help you find the best product with your desirable price


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