Iranian Prayer rug for sale – Ziafat Design

Iranian prayer rug for sale – mosque Carpet – Ziafat Design

Iranian Prayer Rug for sale with Ziafat Design is among the most favorite designs for prayer rooms.

mosque carpet with Ziafat Design is one of the eye-catching designs that establishes a celebration on mosque’s area. In it, an innovative integration of mihrab and flower layouts exists at the center of mihrab and the bushes.

In terms of structure, Prayer Rug with Ziafat Design has a lot of similarities with Mosque Carpet with Harir Design. The only differences are the flowers at the center of the mihrab of each Prayer Rug.

This iranian prayer rug is among the best-selling designs.

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Popularity of Colors in prayer rug for mosque with Ziafat Design

The popularity of the Mosque Prayer Rugs with Ziafat Design with the various colors can be seen in the diagram below.

Iranian Prayer Rug for sale with Ziafat Design

  • Turquoise 55%
  • Navy Blue 65%
  • Green 99%
  • Dark Blue 20%
  • Walnut 85%
  • Crimson 70%

Effects of the colors of the Prayer Rug with Ziafat Design on Mosque

Mihrab Prayer Rug with Ziafat Design is available in 8 main colors along with 7 background colors; turquoise, navy blue, green, walnut, fire brick, crimson, and dark blue.

The color and design of this prayer rug has massive effect on the spiritual atmosphere of the mosque or prayer room.

If the color of mihrab and deceur are in blue, it is better to choose the turquoise and  and dark blue color for mihrab prayer rug.

For mosques with darker themes, it is better to use the light color of Ziafat design.

If the mosque has a high traffic, it is better to use crimson or navy blue of Ziafat design.

For creating a mosque with a spiritual atmosphere, it is better to use prayer rugs with Ziafat Design in blue or green colors.

Instances of the color schemes in Mihrab Prayer Rug with Ziafat Design  

Iranian Prayer Rug for sale in dark color


Iranian prayer rug for sale in Red


Iranian Prayer Rug for sale in turquoise


Iranian Prayer Rug for sale in navy blue


Iranian Prayer rug for sale in walnut color


Iranian Prayer rug for sale in crimson color


Quality and Size of the iranian prayer rug for sale


Design Number Shoulder Density type of Yarn Qualitative Grade
1 440 720 Polyester B
2 440 800 100% Acrylic B+
3 500 800 100% Acrylic B++
4 500 900 100% Acrylic B+++
5 500 1000 100% Acrylic A
6 500 1100 100% Acrylic A+
7 500 1200 100% Acrylic A+++
8 500 1300 100% Acrylic A+
9 700 2250 100% Acrylic A+
10 700 2550 100% Acrylic A+
11   700 2750 100% Acrylic A+

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Iranian Prayer rug for sale in Cash or Installments

Kashan Mehrab Naghsh Co. is offering its products for customers in various modes. The purchase can be made by paying in cash or installments. By purchasing in cash, we offer considerable discount on your order. For more details on the price of our products, please visit our webpage for prayer rugs store.

For customer services, this company offers the following:

Sale Plans: buy Itanian Prayer Rugs, in cash or installments

Customized Designs: order your customized Iranian prayer rug for your mosque or prayer room with free design.

Exchange Plans: exchange your old prayer rugs with brand new mihrab prayer rugs

Experts at your place: for measurements of the place, also consulting and giving you more information on the products, our experts are ready to meet you wherever you are

Sending Samples: analyze and compare our products with other products in the market, to find the best quality of prayer rug you want

Free online consulting: our technical experts will help you find the best product with your desirable price



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