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?How many shoulder does the best carpet for a mosque have

?How many shoulder does the best carpet for a mosque have? 500 shoulder or 1200 shoulder ?Is a 500-shoulder rug better for mosques and schools, or a 1200-shoulder rug As we know, a rug for the mosque can be woven in different shoulders. Each has its own characteristics. To answer this question, it is .good to know the effect of the number of shoulder on the carpet

The effect of the number of shoulder on the best machine carpet

The number of shoulder has a great effect on the best carpet, which we will deal with separately in the following.

(500shoulder carpet (best carpet

Many people are looking to buy a 500-shoulder best carpet for their mosques; Because these rugs are softer and more fleshy.The term “meaty” is used by the general public for saying “high pile height” for mosque carpets. The 500-shoulder carpet is woven in different densities, because their weaving machines are different from each other. Due to the long pile length, these carpets are softer than other models. It can be said that the quality of different types of 500-shoulder carpet  is determined by their density. The best density for a 500-shoulder rug is 1,200. The opinion of many experts and experienced people is that the best carpet for mosques is 500 shoulder.

best carpet فرش سجاده محراب نقش کاشان

700 shoulder carpet

The 700-shoulder carpet has longer knots and is therefore thicker and taller than the woven carpets on other shoulder and is more similar to handmade rugs. These rugs are stiffer than 500 shoulder. The 700-shoulder rug has very detailed patterns and contains crowded drawings and many details. It has a more beautiful effect and is finely woven.

1000shoulder machine-made carpet

The 1000-shoulder machine-made rug has the same specifications as the 700-shoulder machine-made carpet. The number of shoulder  in this type of machine carpet is more than 700 shoulder. The number of carpet roots is more, but their height decreases. This carpet has some of the characteristics of a low-shoulder carpet and some of the characteristics of a high-shoulder carpet. For this reason, the carpet design in this type is more detailed and the designs are more beautiful.

best carpet فرش سجاده محراب نقش کاشان

1200 shoulder machine carpet

The 1200-shoulder machine-made rug has more beautiful designs than the machine-made carpet with lower shoulders. These carpets can be considered as a very beautiful and large  carpet tableaue. The number of roots in these carpets is more, but the height of the roots is very low. These carpets are not suitable for the mosque due to their thinness, and standing and walking a lot in the mosque environment is not compatible with these carpets. These carpet can,t be best carpet for mosque.

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