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?How to fix mosque carpet burns

How to repair a  mosque carpet burn? This may be the question of many mosque trustees or those who use mosque carpet in their workplace prayer halls. You may also experience carpet burns at home; But the mosque carpet burns more sensitively; Because it is seen by many people and worshipers on a daily basis, and it is necessary for the rugs that are spread in the mosque, which is the house of God, to have the most beautiful and clean form. Burns are one of the most common damage to a rug, but some solutions can give the rug a better look.

Carpet burns with cigarettes or charcoal

If the carpet of your mosque or prayer hall is burnt with cigarettes or charcoal, first clean the burn surface with an sandpaper, then sweep it well and clean. After sweeping, if any burn marks remain, you can wash the area with a solution of oxygenated water and then dry it. If the carpet has been burnt with charcoal, cut the villi with scissors or a sharp object, and then cover the desired surface with carpet shampoo to dry.

carpet burn, carpet burns, mosque carpet فرش سجاده محراب نقش کاشان

Fixing carpet burn with iron

If your carpet rug is burnt with an iron, if it has a slight yellowing, cover the area with half an onion and dip the entire surface of the burn in the onion. Then wash the area with cold water.

Carpet Burn  with hot objects

Your rug may have been burned by hot objects. In this case, you can cover the burn with ice and then allow it to dry. Of course, this solution is if the burn is small.

carpet Burn with candles

If the paraffin stains on the carpet have not yet dried, you can remove it with a spoon. If the candle stain has hardened, you can put a dry handkerchief on the place and then gently rub the handkerchief on the handkerchief with a hot iron to melt the paraffin stains and absorb. Finally, wipe the area with a damp cloth and allow to dry.

carpet burn, carpet burns, mosque carpet فرش سجاده محراب نقش کاشان

A general method for removing carpet burn area

You can first remove some lint from the healthy places of the carpet rug with a pair of tweezers or a sharp tool and then stick it to the burnt place of the carpet rug. Of course, it is important that the color of the villi matches the location of the burn.

If the carpet burn on your rugs is deep and cannot be repaired by yourself, it is better to leave it to specialists to correct it.

Carpets made of polyacrylic or woven yarns with a plastic base usually burn and die faster. But rugs woven with acrylic yarn are more resistant to burns .Do not easily The effect of hot objects does not remain on them. The carpets of Mehrab Naghsh Kashan Company are woven with 100% acrylic yarn by the latest carpet weaving machines and have a lot of durability and strength.

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