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?How is prayer carpet washing

.Prayer Carpet washing is one of the questions customers ask when buying a rug
“.It is better to follow the following points when washing carpets

1- To clean and wash the carpet, it is better to get help from carpet washing, because washing the carpet with carpet shampoo will destroy the carpet.
2-  To wash the carpet in the same place, first dust it and start washing. The best detergent for carpets is low acid soap.
3- To prevent the carpet from fading, do not expose it to direct sunlight after washing
“4- Wash the carpet on a hard surface (such as stone, ceramic or mosaic).
5- To dry the carpet in the open air, spread it completely. Do not pipe the carpet. Do not compact. Because it eventually causes the carpet to rot.

cleaning rug, Scrubber, washing carpet فرش سجاده محراب نقش کاشان
cleaning rug, Scrubber, washing carpet فرش سجاده محراب نقش کاشان

The performance of the carpet washing machine is generally divided into three categories:
Spraying water and detergents
Brushing with roller brushes
Suction system
Carpet washing machines can have one or two roller brushes.
The presence of two brushes in the carpet washing machine and moving in the opposite direction of these two brushes in the direction of the carpet not only does not damage the texture of the carpet, but also increases the speed and quality of washing.
“By equipping the carpet washing machine with a special T, it will be possible to wash hard or flat surfaces such as stone surfaces.

An easy wash

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