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Price list of mosque carpets

The price list of mosque carpets is different in different factories. It has long been said that no cheapness is unreasonable! Sometimes, a product that has a higher price, more work is done on it, has a better quality and definitely has advantages over similar products.

Therefore, the cheap and low price list of mosque carpets should not confuse us and we need to be more careful about this. In this note, we will review the price list of mosque carpets and the reasons for the difference in the price of carpet rugs by different manufacturers.

5 reasons not to buy cheap rugs!

1- What are the raw materials and type of carpet yarn of your choice

Different types of yarn are used to weave mosque carpets. Including virgin yarn, polyester yarn, BCF yarn and acrylic yarn. Virgin yarn has a plastic-like state and is not heat resistant. It is cheaper than acrylic yarn and has its own fans. Polyester yarn has a shorter life than other yarns and is highly vulnerable. BCF yarn has a high volume and no springy properties. On the other hand, it is not resistant to light and its color is not stable. But of all the yarns, the best yarn for weaving a mosque rug is 100% acrylic yarn. This yarn has more shine and clarity than other yarns. It also does not absorb moisture and is very resistant to pressure and footing. The choice of yarn type has a great impact on the price list of mosque carpets.

So, material affects on Price list of mosque carpets

2-What is the carpet weaving machine with which the carpet of your chosen mosque is woven?

The type of carpet weaving machine has a great effect on the quality of the carpet rug. Most manufacturers use German Schonher and Belgian Vandewile machines for weaving. The Schonher device is an old device, it has a lower price than Vandewile. Therefore, the manufacturers who use this machine for weaving mosque carpets offer their products at a lower price. But the Vandewile machine, the HCPX model, works according to the latest technology and the latest technologies; Therefore, the price of this device is higher than Schonher. A mosque rug woven with a Vandewile machine is naturally more expensive. Therefore, the choice of machine type affects the price list of mosque carpets. So, weaving machine affects on Pric

Price list of mosque carpets فرش سجاده محراب نقش کاشان
Price list of mosque carpets فرش سجاده محراب نقش کاشان

3- What guarantee does the mosque carpet manufacturer give you for quality?

Many manufacturers of mosque carpets claim that the yarn used in their products is 100% acrylic. Their carpets do not have lint and their color remains the same; But how credible are the claims of these producers? Those who do not have a guarantee for their produced mosque carpets, their prices are usually very low and cheap.

4-Have the previous customers been satisfied with the quality of the mosque carpet of your chosen manufacturer?

One way to find out how true the statements of the manufacturer of mosque rugs is to check the satisfaction of previous customers and see the various certificates of good performance of the collection. Cheap, low-cost products usually do not satisfy customers and cause them to protest.

5-Is the manufacturer of the mosque carpet of your choice reputable?

Original and reputable manufacturers of mosque carpets never announce low prices to attract customers, but try to increase the quality and use the best raw materials and offer a reasonable price to customers. The pride of an experienced manufacturer is the quality, not the cheap price! The price list of mosque carpets has a lot to do with the quality of the carpet.

Price list of mosque carpets فرش سجاده محراب نقش کاشان

Where can we get quality and durable mosque carpet?

We suggest you to choose the mosque carpets of Mehrab naghsh Kashan Company. A collection that has been operating for more than 20 years. The carpets produced by this factory are 100% acrylic, woven with Mashhad emerald yarn and heatset and are without lint and are woven with the help of the latest Belgian machines (Vandewile). The guarantee of the Mehrab Naghsh to you is high quality and long-term durability, along with various certificates of good workmanship from reputable bodies across the country. If you are one of those who are looking for the quality and durability of mosque carpets, we suggest that you see the mosque carpets of the Mehrab Naghsh Kashan and ask for help from the best consultants in this collection.

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